Sunday, October 24, 2010

Randomly Dead Poet

No other poem will be born from my pain,
As I lay down my hands in the cold of shame.
The suffocated heart has killed the poetic soul,
Lyrics of my life don’t rhyme anymore.
No more teardrops wait for a knock on the door,
Lonely footsteps die away in the sea shore;
The morning blues stay till the sunset
Celebrating the pitiless death of a nameless poet…

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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Consider it as a blog post

SOMEONE said that I fell in love with the eternal sadness triggered by the blue rain.
I did.

...Because I fell in love with a pirate. Now he robbed my everything that is- my soul and color of my heart. I live like a lean, pale piece of dead moon or may be a rotten tomato.
The pirate got away with it. He had the princess, he still has her. But this little ugly pixie was left in the middle of the sea finding her solace in the bubbles of fake dreams captivated by the white sea-scum. 

I wasn't a brat before. I was sad, but not a sadist before. The cynical way of life has created ME.
And now I am lost in some bitter-sweet smoke of weed.

But I saw a black butterfly in the station while waiting for the train. It danced around me as I watched it with a long-lost smile on my face. Suddenly the train arrived and the black-beauty was apart from me.
I have a firefly in my room. Every time I turn the lights off at night, it lits up its existence.
I don't feel alone. Anymore.
Just broken.
You played with me and left me as a broken plaything.

And someday I would move on. 
Someday the pain would be eased. 
Someday life would seem alright. 
Someday I would forgive you. 
Someday I'll hate your lies instead of loving them. 

P.S.- Don't worry if you are doing so =]

 And Durga Puja was here again.