Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The name is Nuwanda

I'm going to change my name into Nuwanda someday, seriously.
And yes, I can't get over the Dead Poets Society.

I think I am a product of the frustration of a non-revolution. Yes, I tell you this, there has never been a proper revolution in "India". Not even a small war. Pre-colonial India (Lands around river Indus is more of a proper term though) was much more interesting. I want a war. Damn it. People have become very stupid and shallow these days, and few of them need to die hence. I would very much like to execute God Bless America in India before it's too late.

I miss getting drunk. I am becoming older and less fun simultaneously. I have this huge burden to be free from uncountable things and it had turned me into a grumpy owl. But owls are anyway grumpy, I guess. So about being high, I think the better way to put it is that I can't get drunk anymore. It just does not happen.

I sometimes really doubt that I exist. It feels like a very bad recurring dream, every single day.

Well, then again what is reality?