About The Scribbler

I am Me, in the same way a potato is a potato. And I am the sum total of everything I do,
And I study literature.
I like taking photographs, of life, of things, of non-things, of sense, of non-sense.

I love drinking coffee and dreaming about aliens.
I'm clueless about my cluelessness.

I get a lot of ideas and try to execute them instantly. I take thinking as a serious job. And I try to establish a lot of points.
But I do it wrong, mostly, with all my heart.
I'm cold, I'm warm, I'm evil and sometimes pathetic. I fall in the trap of stupidity sometimes. But hey, who doesn't. And then again, I care a damn.
Want to read my blog? Go ahead. But I don't want any bullshit from any person with an ego balloon, an ultra-intellectual head or moronic sense of humor. Thank you.
Feel free to die on me.
 But I know something that you don't know.
And guess what? You will never get to know either.
Don't worry. It's just a Yellow Eyed Delusion. You'll get over it.