Saturday, August 28, 2010

Crumpled words of mind

Life is treacherous, like the moon’s spell

Cause we have to live and die another day…

Love is a metaphor, a red bird without mercy

It chases you to take the causeway to death

Don’t dream in a borrowed room wasting your breath

Life is longer than love, hold hands and stay…

Stay like the smiles in the photographs you took

Or the wonderful lines in that old book

Paint a pebble in your morning blues

No more conspiracy of spite, spineless filthy wishes

Stumble upon a doormat and dream of gumball rain….

Something I clicked and edited :)

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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Die with me tonight

The whine of sorry rainbows
All around to grab us tight
Are you afraid of sorrow?
Living is dangerous darling,
Die with me tonight.

The toxin of mind that’s weak
Spineless thoughts of nothingness
Are you afraid of silence?
Loneliness is dangerous darling,
Die with me tonight.

The darkest fear of losing it all
When everything ends in a stroke of time,
Are you afraid of death?
Living is dangerous darling,
Die with me tonight.

yes. another bad attempt at poetry. pardon me. -_-

written for Sunday Scribblings:

Friday, August 20, 2010

One More Time

Let’s just one more time
Hold hands and stand
On that foggy mountain crest.
Let’s just take one more look at this world,
Out of our so called circus of life.
One more time, leave the car behind
And walk on this empty road
With me, looking at the stars.
For just one more time,
Stand under the pouring rain
Feeling the cold under your skin,
Listening to that song
We used to sing along.
For just the last time’s sake,
Laugh with me your heart open,
Cry with me your heart broken, tonight.
For the memories of us together,
For the love that lies dead under –
Let’s pretend, let’s pretend we’re alright…
And just when I fall asleep –
Silently, kiss me the last goodnight.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Make a cup of tea. blah.

You wake up in a bad morning wishing you should have died last night, and you make a cup of tea.
You feel miserable about being miserable all along, and you make a cup of tea.
Your parents forbid you from everything you want and deserve, such as internet, guitar, hang outs, meeting your best friend, and you make a cup of tea.
The world spins fast intentionally to make you throw up, and you make a cup of tea.
I feel so miserable. I feel like I’m doomed to be destroyed. Something is wrong…it’s like something has died in me. Or is it me? Chasing my own soul? Am I paranoid or what? Oh god..! I guess soon I will be joining the world of official insanity.
Wait… I need a cigarette… eek parents are home. Fuck.
*pardons my own stupidity*
Other than that, can you believe I cried the whole noon because I had read a sad  novel over again which I had had seen as movie long before! Damn, I’m so screwed. Oh, now I should make a cup of tea for myself. It feels good anyhow.
You screw up your life and walk on the way of psychosis; and you make a cup of tea.
However thank you Cecelia Ahern. <_<

P.S.~ I miss my mp3 player. it's dead *Sheds Tears*