Thursday, May 10, 2012

So that's how life serves you.

"I love this guy. But he doesn't know that. He doesn't even look back at me ever. He loves someone else. Someone more beautiful, hot and attractive. And I feel so invisible..."
When you read something like this, you go "aww.. the guy is a moron, he should love you back". But no, he shouldn't. Why should he? that another girl might just be as deserving. It's a bloody battleground!
Ok let's just think, I am the whiny girl in love with the boy, and the boy is in love with you, then?
Secondly, let's just think, I am still the whiny girl in love with the boy, and you are the boy, and that other girl is of course better looking, has my level of intellect, artistic bullcrap and all, then?
Thirdly, if I am not the whiny girl in love, I'll fucking go choose the pretty one. Damn the rest fucking whatsoever!!
Heh. Life is cruel.
So go spend a happy day. Much love.