Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Her Peace

She was sitting on the riverside,
Swathed with the shaft of dawn,
Breathing in a lone moment…

The early wintry breeze shivered her,
She gazed at the flow of water blankly…
Wishing her life to pass by fast like this.

Peace she has now is more bitter and painful,
It is the peace of silence, no screams, no sound
And she felt her words lost in somewhere else.

Peace she wanted, engulfed with love and tenderness,
The peace she never had, she never tasted,
May be her frozen eyes still longs for it…

And may be she could wait up for something
To change her life, to soothe her wounds,
But she was too broken to stand up and fight back again.

For life has given her more and more pain,
Rapturous feelings she never expects
Even her sore eyes never bled again.

She still sits there, and the sun rises and sets …
But she never came back from where she was gone
As she has found another peace in the lone vale of silence.



soin said...

like axl says sometimes we need some time on r own...free

AritrY said...

why do u always quote songs??
thanks anyways! :)

soin said...

coz they have already said most of the stuff in the best possible way..and i dont read or think.bit i listen..free

AritrY said...

yea yea, I know -_-

Destiny's child... said...

Miss ultimate teenage drama queen!;) Back with another sad saga? Perhaps she has some extra bouts of meditative moods than all others? Is it? keep writing aritry...:)

AritrY said...

^^may be...I can never be like her!

and thanks for the title...I hell like it! xD

Destiny's child... said...

Lol...No problem, you deserve it every bit! ;)

AritrY said...