Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Crooked mind inside a beating heart

Your tears have met the outfall
And one more drop for humanity;
The dull, damp lines of poetry - mocking sanity,
Deep inside dwells the murder conspiracy:
As your stoned hands grab my ribs
I search a safer room for my grimy dreams.
Darker nightmares n' psycho lady's wish,
A faint throb comes from the weary heart
Like after you've taken the happy pills,
When the sky seems to be falling on you..
And the world around you spins round n' round
With thousand buildings and countless stories
Of life, of people damned with cruelty and pain,
And you still remain thirsty for some bloodlike rain.


Beyond Timid said...

Either you've had a bad past, or you like writing emo-kinda stuff.
I don't really care. I liked the poem. It exudes a strong emotion. I'll tell you when I find a word for it. ;P

Anonymous said...

Stay this morose,lady! I definitely want some more.

P i x i e said...

@beyond timid, emo? jokes apart. hail metal music :D
the darkness, my inspiration. thanks :)
@anonymous, oh dont be so selfish! :p

Rashi said...

oh yew do rock :)
poems are great !

Rashi said...

oh yew do rock :)
poems are great