Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The name is Nuwanda

I'm going to change my name into Nuwanda someday, seriously.
And yes, I can't get over the Dead Poets Society.

I think I am a product of the frustration of a non-revolution. Yes, I tell you this, there has never been a proper revolution in "India". Not even a small war. Pre-colonial India (Lands around river Indus is more of a proper term though) was much more interesting. I want a war. Damn it. People have become very stupid and shallow these days, and few of them need to die hence. I would very much like to execute God Bless America in India before it's too late.

I miss getting drunk. I am becoming older and less fun simultaneously. I have this huge burden to be free from uncountable things and it had turned me into a grumpy owl. But owls are anyway grumpy, I guess. So about being high, I think the better way to put it is that I can't get drunk anymore. It just does not happen.

I sometimes really doubt that I exist. It feels like a very bad recurring dream, every single day.

Well, then again what is reality?


quartertoinsane said...

As Rene said, 'Cogito Ergo Sum'. And sorry for the depressing comments on the last post, just read your reply. Also, it would seem you are going where I am; so just don't.

P i x i e said...

We'll meet one day at the end. Stop with the cautionary signs already -.-