Friday, May 30, 2014

Clueless 20s

As I sit here eating my midnight bread
And wondering what life might be like 5 years down the line,
I am clueless.
I can’t even make a proper fluffy pancake, or write a properly punctuated article yet, and I am supposed to be shaping my life right now? I mean whatever decisions I take, they are going to decide almost how my life is going to be like when I am old. Being me in 20s really sucks.
But I guess my incongruity is pretty much vivid before me at this moment as I decided to write this instead of studying for my final exams. I am going to be a graduate. Hah. That really does not mean anything. That is not even going to get me a decent job. It would only mean that I have read a pile of books, essays, and pages I both hated and loved. But Comparative Literature (my subject of course) gave me a lot of things, and one of them is a different perspective on life and on this world of ours. How snobbish we are, claiming this world as "ours" whereas we are just a little part of it and might just disappear in time.
I should go back to study instead of typing this. Really.

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quartertoinsane said...

planning 5 years ahead is like a course thing?