Sunday, December 13, 2009

Brave is what they call it

"Take chances, make mistakes. That's how you grow. Pain nourishes your courage. You have to fail in order to practice being brave."  
~ Mary Tyler Moore
>>She looked through her life, autopsy of long 17 years.
She wanted to see elated moments; she wanted to feel serenity over her eyelids one more time.
But things don’t work out the way we want them to be most of the times.
As the result of the truth upwards, she found despair, betrayal, pain and the feeling of losing grip on good things. She saw the most of the people she loved, have always hated her, have broken her trust into pieces, have taken her advantages, have humiliated her uncountable times.
She stood blankly; love, pain and tears were long gone.
Tell her, she can’t shatter like that. She has a wonderful gift of life. She has food, clothes, shelter, some more people to love. Not everyone on this earth is at least that much lucky.
Show her those beggars, those children in the slums, roadside, and tell her that there are much better things to live for.
Sometime life turns out to be intolerable. But sorrow is the main component of life. If there is no sorrow, you can never find the beauty of joy. May be you are sad today, but have faith on life; you would be happy tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow.
If the start is worst, the end has to be best. Or life would have lost its charm.

Holding on is what helps us to live. Faith is what gives us strength to take another breathe, with the hope that the next breathe may not be poisonous.
Or even if it is, you would never have to regret for not taking the chance after being killed by the worst.

If there is a mountain that can’t be climbed, know that the mountain doesn’t exist. Giving every chance a try is what makes a real worthy life. Because when you die, you would be able to say that your life hasn’t gone to waste and you are not going away without doing anything for yourself and this world. Only then, you would be remembered as what they call BRAVE.

Pencil I'm first time writing for Sunday Scribblings. They gave this topic and this is something I came up with.
I don't know if I made any sense or not. Hexentanz


Vighnesh said...

I liked the frog in the end xD
Oh and I'm sorry I couldn't take that call. I was studying so I had kept my phone away from me.
Can you call me tommorow?

Wendy said...

It's always good to provide perspective--to remind others or one's self that there are always those who are worse off.

Catherine Denton said...

Very inspiring! I have a tendency to get lost in my own worries and forget the world around me. Thank you for the "brave" reminder.

P.S. Great first post for Sunday Scribblers. Hope to see you again.

P.S.S. I LOVE that quote.

Tumblewords: said...

Good job - it is sometimes difficult to see others' bravery and what they must bear.

Destiny's child... said...

This post makes me feel you are too mature for your years! Ok...freeze this moment...this has to be the first and last time I am going to feel so! :D

Vighnesh said...

Can someone explain- what's sunday scribblings/scribblers?

ojanna said...

it was my first time on sunday scribblings last week too :) I like the last line. Nicely done!

AritrY said...

@Vighnesh, don't study too hard dork :P

Lets see, I can call you tomorrow. what about that?
You liked the frog? I love it ^__^

@Wendy, yes. It's sometimes really necessary! :)

@Catherine, Thanks a LOT! xD
You will get to see me a bit I guess, I like it.
I love that quotes too [duh]


AritrY said...

@Tumblewords, Thankyou thankyou :D

@Veena, Yayy, I feel like a 13 years old now xD
This doesn't have to be :P
Thankiiees :)

@Viggy, It's a site which gives you topics to write about on Sundays and they feature those writings :P

@Ojana, thanks dear :)
We are the newbies

Vighnesh said...

Tommorow's fine. But it has to be in the afternoon.

AritrY said...

okay dorky xD

Dee Martin said...

You have a wonderful perspective and I think it is brave when you put your thoughts out there for everyone to read, hoping they will understand a little. Glad you are part of Sunday Scribblings and I hope you stick around and keep writing :)

AritrY said...

^Thank you. I will for sure :)

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