Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Think. Can you?

No, you can't.
At least not what I'm thinking.
Because I'm not thinking anything -_-

Well, colorless days are hard to tolerate.
So I’m going through a monochromic time, and so do the rest of my mates.
Pre-boards result came out and I sucked.
I knew I would.
So I’m less online now and studying more.
I. am. Great.
And I am going to achieve 80% anyway.

I barely want to cut bad marks and regret for the rest of my life :[

And I really want to talk to Viggy guy. But that sick boy is sick now.
Get well soon. I miss my listener x(

And mom suspected, but couldn’t make out that I broke the camera. Lack of evidence heh! I’m a perfect criminal….bw ha ha haaa!
I want the cam to be fixed soon!
Because – I was sitting on the riverbed of Ganges watching the sun melting in the river and I was holding a manual SLR camera with only one capture left and desparately waiting for a perfect moment to come that I can get my nice shot. Fixing the perfect focus, aperture gave me real headache. Well, I missed my Nikon Coolpix digicam

The most creative thing I do now is this-
I sit in my bedroom with my legs in two different directions and look at my dirtily crafted wall.

Oh, I painted a shitty lamp and it gives nice light effect now xD

I feel too lazy to write now.
I also get a weird feeling and think of being an intellectual looking classic Bengali girl with a poetic look [read cotton salwar-kamij, artistic accessories and specs].

I go mad at times.
Never mind.

I’m clueless about what I’m writing now.
So, never mind again.

Okay now, now take a look at something nice. Mom collected this piece of dead twig few years ago. Just observe its shape. It shapes like a dancer's pose and I find it amazing. Mom's observation power is great. I suck at everything she is good in xD


Vighnesh said...

Aww <3
I'll let you know when I'm alright :)
you wouldn't like it if I keep coughing, would you?
Like : "hel -cough- hello -cough- dork" xD

AritrY said...

^Yes. I won't like that -_-

I really miss you re.
Get well soon or I'll kill u >.<

love ya. tc :]

Destiny's child... said...

Weird phases are a part of life...the moment you realise nothing is weird...I think that's when you need to be scared! ;)
Btw, that piece of wood is just awesome!

juvenile` said...

Film SLR? !!

And you wanted a replacement for that with a normal digicam!

I feel outraged :(
Btw, which company SLR?

And and, hi5 for being weird xD

selena st.john said...

Hhaha. this was really fun.
wait, I'm giving my pre boards oo..
theyre a bummer right?
What school do ou go to? and where?

AritrY said...

@Veena, hey, You just made it so simple! whoa! xD

@Ananya, Which company I forgot. may be Olympus? :/
I'm not really allowed to use that camera miss :P
He is obsessed with it.


My digi cam is too cool....everything can be customized with it else the zooming part :P

@Selena, Real bummer :'[

I read in a sucking school placed in North-Calcutta, West Bengal.
Do you know Calcutta aka Kolkata?

juvenile` said...

Aww, then its kk :P

BTW, I'm obsessed with DSLRs! *drools*

I want one! :'(

AritrY said...

^^Buy one and be ready for me to steal it xD

You Needn't Always Know said...

That twig...
Can you click more pictures of it? I want to sketch it.

Ehm, I understand that this comment is entirely unnatural and the timing unacceptable, yet,