Thursday, June 3, 2010

Through The Eye of The Storm

I stood in the eye of the storm,
The wrath of the world crawling around;
Flock of dust blinded my soul…
A soul doomed to core of soreness,
A life that has nowhere to go…
The thunders bounded me,
They flashed, they growled
Like dragons from the faraway dark world.
But blind were my eyes like my existence,
Too numb a body to hear anything…
The time passed by as I stood
Right in the middle of my ruins.
Moments paused as earth moved no more
The breaths stood still everywhere
It was time the demons came out
The demons of you and me
We locked them deep down inside
But the fate had chosen them to come out
Because the love lived no more,
The pain had died away somewhere
Only silence remained, the silence of life
And we couldn’t bear it anymore…
It all came down, no verve stayed there;
The end to all our furies and odium…
Empty city streets resided alone
Waiting for footsteps in sun and rain…
The world spanned again in circle of eras;
I stayed as the watcher had to stay
To tell the story of all the times –
In the eye of the storm, alone and strong.


Ravindra Merthi said...

so true..i read in a shot n surprised the flow in lines.
Awesome....after a long time enjoyed something....
congrts for tht

Niraj said...

hey very nice shows the emptiness of human life and at a same time... fulfillment of our life...its dark....

The Heretic Teen said...

@Ravindra, hey, long time eh?
thanks for reading out :)

@Niraj, it defines my life and world. I am a human. so humans should connect with it :D
and yeah...dark is good!!!! :P