Monday, August 16, 2010

Make a cup of tea. blah.

You wake up in a bad morning wishing you should have died last night, and you make a cup of tea.
You feel miserable about being miserable all along, and you make a cup of tea.
Your parents forbid you from everything you want and deserve, such as internet, guitar, hang outs, meeting your best friend, and you make a cup of tea.
The world spins fast intentionally to make you throw up, and you make a cup of tea.
I feel so miserable. I feel like I’m doomed to be destroyed. Something is wrong…it’s like something has died in me. Or is it me? Chasing my own soul? Am I paranoid or what? Oh god..! I guess soon I will be joining the world of official insanity.
Wait… I need a cigarette… eek parents are home. Fuck.
*pardons my own stupidity*
Other than that, can you believe I cried the whole noon because I had read a sad  novel over again which I had had seen as movie long before! Damn, I’m so screwed. Oh, now I should make a cup of tea for myself. It feels good anyhow.
You screw up your life and walk on the way of psychosis; and you make a cup of tea.
However thank you Cecelia Ahern. <_<

P.S.~ I miss my mp3 player. it's dead *Sheds Tears*


Sonia Dinosaur said...

Nice =]

quartertoinsane said...

nice tea...

Chandroday Chaudhury said...

Nice one ! Amazing job ! :) :)

sayan said...

awesome.. this is a good it!!

Anonymous said...

awsum \m/

The Heretic Teen said...

thanks people.... (for commenting)

Haddock said...

But nothing like the morning cup of tea.

Furqan said...

It's not all fiction, is it? Come on, how can you 'screw up your life' at that age.

Also, evidence suggests that you're very, very good at this whole photography lark. <3

Destiny's child... said...

And just yesterday you were talking about college being fun and all!? Terrible mood swings it seems. If you feel your life is screwed up at 17, what will you say when you are 30? Time for a reality check Aritry. I am worried for you! I am hoping against hope that you are just over-reacting...

And the pic, I love it, great shot
May your mp3 R.I.P.

The Heretic Teen said...

@Haddock, thats's so true <3

@Furqan, I didn't screw up my LIFE! just a part of me, it whines all the times. I don't wanna cry reading a novel. I hate being that softy softy =/
and about photography, thank you so much :D I'm just a good amateur I guess ^_^

@Veena, awley! don't worry, am okay. I just freak people out with my split personality :P
College is still fun. and thanks :)

Destiny's child... said...

I am glad, in that case ;)