Sunday, September 5, 2010

This fairytale has gone bad!

"We can’t cry the pain away
We can’t find a need to stay
I slowly realized there’s nothing on our side..."

And once again I have fucked it all up…….
The awesome ME.

Today was the worst of all these days… Had pissed a person I loved at the midnight, missed tuition at morning, went to the suckiest college departmental fresher’s welcome party, went to another tuition, got home fucked up and slept all the evening.
Every time I think that life’s gonna change, it gets stuck and makes me wanna throw up because of that old smell of misery.
I’m lonely again. Better to say, I realized I’m lonely as every-single-fucking-thing has been just a pretention.
I love my friends, I do. But at the end of the day I can’t breathe easy. And there’s nothing I can do about it.
I know I’m gonna survive, by tears or by strength, I will.
But I don’t wanna die inside like this.

All I want is… someone to put the hand on my shoulder and make me feel life’s worth living.

I wish I were invisible.
I wish I could be like THEM.
I wish I were a heartless bitch.
I wish I could die without pain.
I wish.

No, not suicidal much. Just a lil unwell.


quartertoinsane said...

burning in crisp wisps on smoke, don't let it run free.... burn that sucker down... da sadness i mean...

P i x i e said...


Mr. "Niraj" Lemon said...

it's all in us happiness, sadness and answer to our problem just we need to find the key to lock of all problems....

Ananya said...

Let go of grudges that you hold, you'll feel better. :)

P i x i e said...

I really wanna feel better...donno what to do...

The Blue Periwinkle said...

Sharing some love! :)

"Sometimes you just have to give it all a finger and walk past!"

Well,someone commented this on my blog so..I am just passing on the advise! :)

P i x i e said...

yeah right xD
just forgot the FINGER!!!! thanks for reminding mE!! haha...

PsycheBubbles said...

Everytime day, life'll throw an even "suckier" Routine for u, its wen you dump it, and start a newer routine 4 u, that u'll love it,

Do it not everyday, but once in a while...

and get well soon! :)

P i x i e said...

Right :O
thanks =]

Blonde Once Again said...

Wish I could give you some sound advice. Ehm, perhaps a song? "Pack up your troubles in your old kit bag..."


When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. When life gives you diabetes, don't make lemonade.


When life gives you lemons, keep them. Because, hey, free lemons. =)