Saturday, September 24, 2011

Blue Sky, & Echoes of Life

"Said my goodbyes and now
This journey's just beginning
Time to move on ahead and drive..."
(by Dream Out Loud)

....Sliding, stumbling, rambling through the helter-skelter of life, suddenly I stopped and looked up to the sky.
The frame of my eyes had no face, no smoke, no earth, just the blue…big blue sky.
Pieces of white clouds.
It’s almost here.
I can smell it.

My best friend is in love with someone. And once I loved him. He couldn’t love me back. I survived. Minus the romantic part the affection remained. I’m happy for him, in the purest form. But my love is fading away. The person I thought to be the poet of my soul has not been able to make me understand his poems well. I thought I loved him, but I didn’t. Well, I feel nothing about that. Just a little sense of guilt. I’m happy running on my track. I know, when it’s time, I’ll fall in love. There’s no hurry. It’s just the beginning. When there’s confusion, there’s something wrong. But I’ve got no time to sit and figure out the flaw. So, I’ll just let it go. No-love gives me no-frown.
I am this girl. I can smile. I can live. I can be crazy.
I have grown up.
Now I’m alright.
I am.

.....And suddenly I’m inspired. Suddenly I want to walk on the streets of Rome, taste that tangy food, be on my own, watch lovers on the corners of the street and eat ice-cream…
Oh you know what? I just watched “Eat Pray Love” again and I’m a bit high on my heels after that.
But I’ve just realized, I have got a lot to do. Self-made confusion and rants won’t do me any good. I have to start trying to be someone, evolve into a better person. No, I don’t wanna be invisible anymore. I want to be visible, with enough color saturation and contrast.
Life has changed. All I have to do is, live up a little bit.
And if you have been feeling stuck, or stifling in life, but can find no reason behind, or no cure in front, just go… go out of your room, take a look at the sky, get some air…breathe in Life. It’s time we learn to smile.


Rachana said...

This was inspiring! :) Awesomely written! \m/

P i x i e said...

Thank you Rachana :)

mild rdx said...

kemn hoeche pore bhalo laglo....tor jnyo bhalo laglo....

quartertoinsane said...

seriously, what is it with girls and 'eat pray love'... seriously, just tell me

nicely written by the way...

P i x i e said...

@Mild rdx, who are you? :O

@quartertoinsane , it's the depth of emotions, search for one's own soul. that's with that film and girls, not all, but still. I love the concept. Not the entire movie.

Destiny's child... said...

Hey Aritry, long time! I liked what I read. Your writing has improved, and I love the optimism the post holds :)

Rashi said...

The person I thought to be the poet of my soul has not been able to make me understand his poems well. I thought I loved him, but I didn’t.

^ happy realization :)

and missy, yew will pull through. yew, out of all the people, won't be invisible to anyone.ever.

Pesto Sauce said...

Learn to smile and then live

If that pic is you then you look good

P i x i e said...

^^ That's not me. :/
now, I'm the girl in the "ABOUT ME" portion :p

@Destiny's Child, dude, i missed you. thanks a lot =]