Wednesday, September 7, 2011


What's wrong with me?
well, that's one and only thing I'm trying to figure out these days.
I left Economics, I left my fuckedup old college, I left the bad crowd. Now I'm where I belong.
I still am not happy. err..though I'm not sad either.
but still.
why this feeling?
Am I mad?
shit. a whole lot of shit.
I just want to sit down and read something. may be some good contemporary poet's work or so..
because I feel like an impotent Man. I can't write a thing, not a thing that makes sense.
and here I am whining.
But I'm not this girl. I'm more than this. 
I can write, I can love, I can laugh.
But not right now. Right now I'm just purely impotent and no lousy or good medicine can cure it.
so here i go...
On the island
I wait
For what I don't know,
Longing for an unknown,
Detached from the mortal world
of Men and Women...
In the pitch dark
I wait
For the love of 
The Heartless.
Where to go, no, I don't know.


quartertoinsane said...

jst change the perspective n ur whole world will change

Ms.Nobody said...

For the love of
The Heartless ..

Just beautiful ... I wonder how can you still say you can't write a thing ! Cheer up girl, nothing works faster than words ... and its fine if you can't understand , finding the answer is more challenging and fun than getting ready made answers, isn't it ? :)

P i x i e said...

It is...