Monday, November 23, 2009

A Reverie

When you stand at the end of the fight and look at all that you have lost, do you smile for the winning or cry for the loss?

Time is ticking by, your soul is getting old, give yourself one more chance, put back your lone heart’s pieces together again.
There is a spark hidden under your clothes, shred those fabrics, and let that spark shine.
And may be then you would be able to hear the hidden sonata of life.

When I’m alone, silent is the wind and like everything is fading away too fast to be caught, I feel like screaming with all my heart. The road that I’m running on is endless and the song at the end of the movie is going on, lingering is the peace of longing solitude within me.
I cry, slowly; I turn back, I see a beam of light within the darkness, I try to touch it, and the world spins around and goes upside down….suddenly I wake up. I see a piece of sunshine on my bed, lying beside me, I smile, and the dust fairies dancing in that sun beam wish me “Good morning”.


soin said...

clicking your own eye??jobless female..anyways if ur alone in ur dreams its maybe what the sub conscious you might want..fre

AritrY said...

it's not like being alone in dreams, it's the darkness of one's heart.

anyways, I'm a jobless and useless creature indeed xD

Destiny's child... said... the pic a did you manage to do it, and get it right?

AritrY said... is credit of the software i have. i actually merged two pics, one is the starry pic, and the other one is my big-dumb-eyes pic. xD
thankuu ^_^