Sunday, November 29, 2009

Three Cheers For Sweet Dorks

How many times are there that you have been humiliated in public or personally?
No. You can’t tell exactly the number of times, because they are so many. 
I may sound unfamiliar to some people. But there remain the rest of us, the people who are not so beloved, not so popular and not somebody. I’m speaking for them.
There have been times when I used to be kinda dull and preppy types. I was another ignored, not-so-special, alone and afraid kid in the crowd. Then there came some turns in the road of life that changed me. I’m not telling that I rule now, [not like that I want to]…
But I have changed and changed for the good.

Well, I’m not here to sing my surviving saga.
I just want to scribble the very commonly uncommon feelings that one has.

I wished my life were a better movie. But I can’t complain and sit back, I have to work for it.
And there are numerous kinds of people telling you that you can’t, that you are a DOLT, and that you are good for nothing.
What would happen if we just listen to those useless shit and sit back cursing our fates?
But we can’t. This is our lives and we have to make it the coolest of our types xD
Call me a dork, I don’t care.
Title me as a “Grammatically Disoriented Person” because of my grammatical errors, I won’t stop writing or write even an inch less.
And some people would also say that I can do nothing but put up every little thing in my whiney blog which is barely read by pips.
Again, I don’t care,
I write for myself, and I would keep writing even if anyone reads or not. 
Because this is sorta my journal. And oh yes, I have the guts to write everything about myself and anyone can read this. So, I’m not a coward anyway.
And today I feel not ashamed by a single thing; not my height, my broken English speaking power, my shoddy school, nothing….simply nothing!
And even if I am a dork, I don’t mind being one. 
I dance around my apartment in pajamas, I eat burgers after operating their tummies, I make weird faces in public, I laugh hysterically in the coolest of the crowds, I point at people and say things loudly in places like Shopping Malls, I like cartoonish curtains, I act like a child at home, I like making bubbles with chewing gum and soap-water, I run on the middle of a road and I lick egg before eating it.
Yes. I am a dork. I am a lazy-bum and I am good at my works.
And I’m a nice human being. 
And I hate those who like to hate.
So, if these make me a dork, then I am one.
Feel pride if you are one too.
Three Cheers For Sweet Dorks. 

Peace out.

I made my own cartoon, oh yeah! xD


juvenile` said...

Love the kid in you :D

sidd said...

don't worry, one day we'll rule the world...

sidd said...

us "sweet dorks" i mean...

AritrY said...

@Anu, and I love yours <3

@Sidd, oh yeah! we will rock the world xD

Anonymous said...

Haha, nice. Deeganto and Sid often correct my pronunciations and grammar too, but I don't give a fuck! XD
i wear slippers and a shabby shirt to classes and i carry myself weirdly. Yes, i drop food on my clothes too, Deeg and Sid point it out. But I can't care lesser. :D

AritrY said...

^There are differences between correcting and insulting.
Deeganto always insults me. so, don't take his name here, keep my blog nice and clear :P

soin said...

and that my dear girl is what a simple good life is about..when i see people quoting saki or cohelho and all i pity them..afraid they might be wrong.afraid they might be not toe the line..fuck it all..its nice we are this way.i love this.i felt the same thing when i was your age.and i guess you might end up with a bit of long as u dont change for the worse its

AritrY said...

^ha ha thanks.

I'm still wandering in Rock and it's pretty well. Lets see if metal works for me ever or not :P

selena st.john said...

Haha.. loved the cartoon.
Have you named it?
I love the header. Great blog. :)

Destiny's child... said...

This is what makes us 'us'. Being a dork is proof that we are humans. The others, the perfect ones I mean, are they super humans? Thin chance. It just means that they have never taken chances in life. Hence, zero embarrassing situations for them.
Loved the post! Loved the cartoon even more. It's very you! ;)

And, welcome me to the club! :D

AritrY said...

@Selena, thanks :D
no, should I name it? :/ it's my own cartoon

AritrY said...

@Veena, welcome welcome.
You are one of US very much xD
Super Humans? na na...they suck :P
yes. I love the cartoon too. So I sticked it on my wall...he he
thanks :)

Anu said...

That pic was awesome! =)


Vighnesh said...


AritrY said...

@Anu, thank you. and thanks for stopping by too :)

@Viggy, you should have something better to say ._.
Oh wait...u are too lazy for that :P

Vighnesh said...

Something better

AritrY said...

^lame :P

Deeganto said...

@Nikhil: You don't give a fuck?
Is that why you correct yourself?

@Aritry: Wow you take things I say to such serious extents that you write posts about me ALL the time?

I don't correct you to make you feel bad about yourself and give up but to help you improve.

I can't believe I have to explain all this to you.


Deeganto said...

@sidd: Dorks already rule the world.
Which is why it's in such a sad sad state today.

AritrY said...

Come on, don't give yourself so much importance.
There was only one line dedicated to you.

There were so many people who were pissing me off at that time.

So I wrote it. Not for you.
I don't feel bad when you correct me.
Remember, I asked you myself to be my grammar teacher? you said 'yes'.
I only feel bad when you insult me.
And you do that for sure, like a jerk.
trust me, I don't take you seriously anymore, that is what I tried to mean here I guess.

sidd said...

Red-necked douches rule the world.
Its weird but sometimes i feel like SP has the clearest take on the contradictions in this sad shithole of a world.
Also, i said that in the spirit of a movie i had watched and which this post is actually all about.
You and Nik didn't let me explain it the other day. Tards.

Anonymous said...

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