Saturday, November 28, 2009

In The End

“Water…some water”
I heard a broken voice crying behind me –
Another dying soldier lying on this earth
With a bleeding leg and a bullet in his chest.
Slowly he cried for some drops of life,
I could be the savior or could I not?
At least they say we are the saviors of the country…
So I stepped ahead to bring back a life in dead desert;
And fast came the gift of war towards my heart
And rested within tearing it apart…
Nothing was felt but a soundless pain,
Flowing of blood what I could see, only,
And I fell weakly on my knees…
No more I heard the cry for water,
Not even sounds of guns and bombs…
But there were voices, again and again, 
Coming fast and fading away;
Did I hear screams of death or prayers of life?
Or was it the mixed up thoughts of mine?
Reflections of memory went one by one…
I saw the beautiful dusk melted in love,
I smelled fragrance of the fields outside my window,
I remembered the old tree beside my house,
The playing kids in the lane, the bell of recess,
I heard my guitar been played again…
And unknowingly I knew I was going to bed
For my endless sleep and peaceful rest,
I knew I would never touch her hair again,
I knew I was to leave my love, my pains…
And another bullet stroked my leg,
Down I fell on the wet earth, numb and senseless…
It was the time to go, to walk beyond this world,
Away from the morning dews and cold war nights,
In a solitary cell they would call a soldier’s grave.

Note: random thought. :|
and yeah, Mr. Owen inspired me a bit. 


Anonymous said...

nice post...and truly nice this what man conscience is all about...???

AritrY said...

no...not really. But when a soldier is dying in war front, what would he think? I just put myself there and this came out.
thanks. :)

juvenile` said...

I like the last part :)

sidd said...


AritrY said...

thank you xD

Anonymous said...

nice one :) you have truly portrayed a soldiers thought while dying :) very good one :)

AritrY said...

^thanks a lot ^_^