Sunday, August 22, 2010

Die with me tonight

The whine of sorry rainbows
All around to grab us tight
Are you afraid of sorrow?
Living is dangerous darling,
Die with me tonight.

The toxin of mind that’s weak
Spineless thoughts of nothingness
Are you afraid of silence?
Loneliness is dangerous darling,
Die with me tonight.

The darkest fear of losing it all
When everything ends in a stroke of time,
Are you afraid of death?
Living is dangerous darling,
Die with me tonight.

yes. another bad attempt at poetry. pardon me. -_-

written for Sunday Scribblings:


K said...

I certainly didn't think that this was a bad attempt. NEver doubt yourself when you speak in a way that is true to yourself.

This is very angsty. Left me feeling a tad melancholy...die with me tonight. This speaks of much.

BJ Roan said...

Not a bad attempt, a good attempt. I can't write poetry and admire those who can, like you.

soin said...

this and fb status. whatey depression

quartertoinsane said...

this wasnt bad, jst sad...
nice work dou

quartertoinsane said...
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The Heretic Teen said...

thank you veryyyyyyyy much guys... :D
I won't underestimate myself again :p

Chai Addict said...

Nice attempt.

Keep penning. I am new here. Will visit again :).

Destiny's child... said...

I would call that a good attempt :)

The Heretic Teen said...

@Chai Addict, ahhh thank you :D
Nice to have a new follower :P

@Veena, thankuuu ^__^

Love said...

please to meet you and trust me every one likes u...they may be scared and downright in awe of u... or simply jealous... but its impossible to not like u... just make sure when someone loves u right... try to love them with ur heart and not mind...for the worst is not to have no one who loves u... but not having someone u love...

wish u a great love and life... i am hopeless romantic too... but i beleive my dreams will all come true , they have and they will... be ready to pay the price and u will not regret.:)

lots of love and keep pouring out ... ur words have power and before its too late start respecting urself... dont wait for urself to die and then recognize ur worth... know u r worthy in this moment ...

P i x i e said...

okay, thanks for stopping by and thinking. and thinking so much.
thank you thank you. what you said is very true.
take care :)