Friday, August 20, 2010

One More Time

Let’s just one more time
Hold hands and stand
On that foggy mountain crest.
Let’s just take one more look at this world,
Out of our so called circus of life.
One more time, leave the car behind
And walk on this empty road
With me, looking at the stars.
For just one more time,
Stand under the pouring rain
Feeling the cold under your skin,
Listening to that song
We used to sing along.
For just the last time’s sake,
Laugh with me your heart open,
Cry with me your heart broken, tonight.
For the memories of us together,
For the love that lies dead under –
Let’s pretend, let’s pretend we’re alright…
And just when I fall asleep –
Silently, kiss me the last goodnight.


quartertoinsane said...


Sourav said...

Deep and intense in really simple words .. lovely! :)

The Heretic Teen said...

thank you ^_^

The Heretic Teen said...

thank you ^_^

Destiny's child... said...

Aritry, once more! once more! :)